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Vietnam – United Arab Emirates (UAE) relations

Vietnam and the UAE established diplomatic relations on August 1st 1993. Vietnam opened its Consulate in Dubai in October 1997 and its Trade Center in Dubai in July 2004. The embassy of the UAE in China doubles as UAE’s non-residential mission to Vietnam.
Vietnam has exchanged the following delegations to the UAE: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Co Thach (April 1976); Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nguyen Dzy Nien (April 1992); Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Khanh (October 1993); Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh (May 1998); Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Cong Tan (October 1990); Vice State President Truong My Hoa (June 2006); and Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Truong Van Doan (July 2007).
Vice President – Prime Minister – Emir of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktum visits Vietnam from 3rd – 5th September 2007.
The two countries have signed the General Agreement on Cooperation in the fields of economics, science, technology and trade (October 1999), and an Agreement on Cooperation in Aviation (May 2001).
The bilateral trade increased from 67 million USD in 2002 to 250 million USD in 2006 (of which Vietnam exported 150 million USD). The main products are tea, coffee, pepper, nuts, sea-food, electronics, textiles, ceramics, chemicals and machinery.
The UAE is executing two projects in Vietnam: Cua Dai bridge (around 300 million USD) and Hiep Phuoc port-bridge (worth around 230 million USD) and is considering a vast amount of resources to be invested in different projects in Vietnam. Vietnam has around 6,000 workers employed in UAE (2006 figure).

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